Go Green

Go Green with Jan-Pro® Green Cleaning Services

In offices, schools, medical facilities and retail centers throughout the Savannah area, there is an amplified awareness of environmental stewardship. Many organizations now require that green cleaning and maintenance services be provided to their facility. If so, Jan-Pro® has you covered.

While “going green” has become trendy, it can really make a difference in your environment. Jan-Pro® does not add token green initiatives that do not add any real value – we take our green pledge seriously. Green initiatives are foremost in the development of new cleaning products and processes so that your company and the environment can remain safe and maintain a healthy atmosphere.

The Benefits of Jan-Pro® Eco Friendly Cleaning Services

We’re Greener in Our Processes
Jan-Pro® offers unique branded processes like Jan-Pro® Signature Clean®, Jan-Pro® Technics®, and Jan-Pro® Tracker®. While these gauge all of our services, it also includes what impact our “green” services have on your property and the environment.  The results returned allow us to continually go greener in our processes.

We’re Greener in the Air
Jan-Pro® Green Carpet Cleaning crews breathe easier at work and so will your employees and customers. We only use high efficiency vacuum cleaners that are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute for soil removal, dust containment and fiber retention. Employing a four part filtration system that filters 99.9% of particles to the size of one micron, your air is cleaner, and everyone breathing the air is healthier.

We’re Greener from the Floor Up
Jan-Pro® knows that old fashioned mops are inefficient, use more water than necessary, and make floors take longer to dry than our exclusive microfiber flat mops that offer maximum floor cleaning productivity by using less water and less chemicals.

We’re Greener and Cleaner
All Jan-Pro® cleaning products are carefully chosen based on how they impact the environment, which is why our cleaning products are butyl free and low in VOCs. Our disinfectants are all hospital strength for broad spectrum germ killing efficiency. In addition, less solution is needed than traditional disinfectants saving money and the environment.

With Jan-Pro®, green isn’t a buzzword – it’s a commitment we share with our clients. If Jan-Pro® sounds right for your environment, please contact us today for more information or to receive a free quote!