Why Choose Jan-Pro?

Jan-Pro® Commercial Cleaning:

Quality, Value & Performance.

The Savannah community prides itself on keeping its beautiful city clean. Your Jan-Pro® commercial cleaning company understands and wants to help keep your commercial business clean.  At Jan-Pro®, our goal is to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, professional commercial cleaning service at the best possible price. Our value is excellence at a competitive cost. Jan-Pro® will tailor your cleaning program to meet the needs of your commercial business and deliver these services at an affordable price. This means you only pay for the services you want. Your Savannah Jan-Pro® owner/operators are devoted to delivering dependable service on an ongoing basis.

Benefits of Using Jan-Pro® Professional Commercial Cleaners

  • Jan-Pro® Detailed Cleaning Schedules:  Jan-Pro® provides you an organized daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule that addresses your specific cleaning requests to meet your requirements. This eliminates guesswork and demonstrates what we are responsible for.
  • Jan-Pro® Rapid Communication:  Sometimes cleaning needs arise during normal business hours when we are not scheduled. You will be glad to know that Jan-Pro® is available to assist you by telephone during these times and respond.
  • The Jan-Pro® Commercial Cleaning Process: For your benefit, we at Jan-Pro® have developed an exclusive proprietary system of training, technology and measurement tools that assure you that “It’s Only Clean When Our Processes Confirm It’s Clean.” Our JP Signature Clean® Defines Quality, JP Tracker® Measures Quality, and JP Technics® Delivers Quality. You can learn more on our Services page.
  • Jan-Pro® Customer Satisfaction:  Jan-Pro® franchise business owners realize commercial cleaning of your property is more than emptying trash and wiping down tables. They and their staff are professionals with an intense focus on customer service. Everything we do is to satisfy you the customer, and we prove it every time we serve you. Superior service starts with devotion to customer satisfaction.
  • Jan-Pro® Cost Savings vs. In-house Janitorial Staff:  Outsourcing your janitorial staff to Jan-Pro®  means saving up to 80% on all related costs, including labor, insurance, benefits, hiring new employees, buying and storing chemicals, supplies and more. Jan-Pro® saves you money, time, and headaches.
  • Owner/Operators Provide the Highest Level of Commercial Cleaning Excellence: Jan-Pro® franchisees have a vested interest in ensuring every customer need is met in a timely fashion, and at the utmost quality. As owner/operators, they have a pride of ownership that results in an enhanced level of service for customers.
  • Years of Continued Growth and Recognition: If your business is growing, it means you are doing something right! Jan-Pro® is doing something right by its customers which has helped us achieve the following on Entrepreneur’s Annual 500 Franchise Rankings.  For 2010, Jan-Pro® was ranked:
    • #  1 Fastest growing franchise 2014
    • #  3 Low-cost franchise
    • #  3 Home-based franchise
    • #  9 Top global franchise
    • #11 Overall Franchise 500


Jan-Pro® is Ready When You Are

Jan-Pro® is ready to put our skills and experience to work for you today. Allow us to meet with you to survey your cleaning and maintenance areas and discuss your expectations. We will then submit a proposal for our professional services. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.