Jan-Pro® School Cleaning Services: School is In, Dirt & Germs are Out

Student and teacher health in Savannah has never been more important. Any parent knows sending a child to school often means they come back with more than homework, but also germs. Teachers get sick, and the viruses and germs spread. Your school administration looks to protect the kids and teachers from viruses such as H1N1, but can only do so much with traditional cleaning methods. This is where Jan-Pro® shines.

Jan-Pro® is the leading school cleaning franchise in America with years of experience providing professional school cleaning services to pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools – both public and private.  Jan-Pro® has cleaning programs, products and processes for your classrooms, the lunchroom, the teacher’s lounge, gymnasium, showers, and your restrooms and everywhere in between, that will help put your mind – and your parents’ mind– at ease.

Benefits of Using Jan-Pro® School Cleaning Services

  • A Disinfected School: Is a healthy school. Our hospital grade disinfectants provide a broad kill spectrum of cold and flu-causing germs creating a healthier learning setting. Plus, the disinfectants are not only safe, but are concentrated so we can use less, saving you money and helping the environment.
  • Restrooms Are Not Science Labs: which means, germs and other unhealthy formations should not be growing in them at all. A clean restroom means a clean school. So, we disinfect all counters, stall walls, fixtures, fittings, and push plates with our color coded micro fiber cloths and our hospital grade disinfectant. Bacteria cannot spread under this kind of cleaning schedule. We flunk the germs and expel them from school.
  • Clean Air, Carpets, & Floors: Jan-Pro® uses a multi-stage filter that exceeds HEPA quality which means cleaner carpets and cleaner, healthier air for you and your students to breathe. And when kids nap or wrestle on the carpet you’ll be glad to know that our cleaning processes keep carpets fresh, clean and germ free.
  • We Know K-12 Cleaning: Jan-Pro® cleaning capabilities and experience span all types of K-12 education facilities.
  • Going Green: We use fewer chemicals which means a healthier environment for staff and children. Ask us about our Green Program.
  • Jan-Pro® Cleans Smarter: We employ color coded micro fiber cloths and flat mops that are designed specifically for every surface. This prevents cross-contamination.
  • We Train Better: Our owner-operators receive five weeks intensive training including large facility cleaning – the most rigorous in our industry, and there is an emphasis on K-12 school cleaning.
  • We Know OSHA: Our owner-operators are compliant with all OSHA aspects which include Exposure Control Plan & Compliance, Hazardous Communication Standard, Blood Borne Pathogen Standard, MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling, Label Compliance Standard and Drug Testing Methods.
  • We Operate Securely: All Jan-Pro® crews wear uniforms and prominently displayed ID badges. Plus, they must pass a background check.