Property Management

Jan-Pro® Property Management Cleaning Services: Dependable, Affordable

The list of “things to do” for  a property management company is endless, and the last thing you need to worry about is whether the cleaning crew you have will arrive on time, do their job properly, and not make more of a mess than when they first arrived.

Jan-Pro® understands the pressures of pleasing owners and tenants, dealing with budgets, chasing down collections and rent delinquencies, lawn care, insurance issues, security, ongoing maintenance, etc. What if you could worry about one less thing?

Jan-Pro® has been providing professional property management cleaning services throughout the Savannah region to a variety of organizations, buildings and facilities. Our people, processes and programs are designed to help ease the daily stress of property management.

Why You Should Use Jan-Pro® Property Management Cleaning Services

  • We Stay in Touch with you: Not only are we available when you call for a rapid response to a need, but we stay in touch with you, making sure that you are satisfied with our work.
  • Daily & Monthly Inspections: Each month our regional operations manager performs a 100-point inspection at your location(s) to make sure we are delivering the highest quality cleaning service available. As well, we have a daily check list we go over.
  • We Live to Clean Offices: Our highly trained cleaning crews are committed to their work as they endure a five week course on everything they need to know about cleaning offices, customer service, cleaning technology, our processes, and general maintenance responsibility. This passion is then translated into the quality cleaning work we do at your site(s).
  • We Respect Your Property: Not only do we respect your property while we work, we are trained to observe and report on any aspect of your property that may need your attention.
  • Green is Our Favorite Color: Jan-Pro® uses fewer and safer chemicals to promote a healthier atmosphere for tenants and visitors, but also for the environment.
  • Color-coded Cleaning: Jan-Pro® uses color coded micro fiber cloths and flat mops to ensure they are used for the right surface every time. This prevents cross-contamination and the spreading of germs.
  • A Quieter Office & Cleaner Air: Our quiet four filter backpack vacuums exceed HEPA standards by removing micro-particles from carpets to prevent them from getting air borne and mixing with the air you breathe.
  • We Love OSHA: Part of the intense training our owner-operators and employees receive includes OSHA compliance in Exposure Control Plan & Compliance, Hazardous Communication Standard, Blood Borne Pathogen Standard, MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling Compliance Standard, and Drug Testing Methods.
  • We Understand Your Needs for Security: All Jan-Pro® crews wear uniforms with prominently displayed ID badges, are bonded, and have undergone a background check.