Office Cleaning


Jan-Pro® Office Cleaning Service Keeps Your Image Professional

Savannah businesses are making money by keeping customers happy and providing the goods and services they want and need. Plus, they are making trash. Lots of trash. Let’s not forget dirt. It’s just what happens when people are around. But any good business owner and manager knows a clean environment is a productive one, and one in which customers are most happy. Let your employees focus on their jobs, and your customers on their shopping, and let Jan-Pro® focus on keeping your offices clean and image professional.

Jan-Pro® is the #1 office cleaning franchise in America and is booming in Savannah because we clean offices like no other. Each day your office produces dirt, trash, and dust, and each night we come and take it all away so when you and your customers return the next day, you can be more productive in a healthy, clean environment. If you think all office cleaning companies are the same, then read below – you will see why Jan-Pro® is #1.

Why You Should Hire Jan-Pro® Office Cleaning Service

  • Immaculate Restrooms – Is there anything worse than a cleaning company who does a poor job of cleaning your private and public restrooms? You know it affects morale and your image. Our cleaning crews go through five weeks of intensive training, with an emphasis on restrooms, and use first rate cleaning products and processes to destroy all bacteria. This means in the corners and behind the johns. Special attention to high touch areas such as faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles and push plates – we miss nothing
  • The Air That You Breathe – Clean air means better, purer oxygen is reaching the brains of your employees, which allows the brain to work better. Plus, it means healthier lungs and fewer sick days. We utilize vacuum filters that exceed HEPA quality, meaning less dust and cleaner air for you and your customers to breathe.
  • Carpets and Floors – Carpet and floor care means using products that are designed for each – one type does not fit all. You may have unique flooring and carpets that require a certain kind of cleaner – Jan-Pro® can do that. Clean and germ-free are the only way to go.
  • Hospital Quality Disinfectants– Jan-Pro® uses hospital strength four quart disinfectants that kill germs across a broad spectrum. And we don’t have to use much, keeping your environment sanitary and free of left over cleansers.
  • Cross Contamination Prevention– Jan-Pro® has cross contamination down to a science as we use color coded micro fiber cloths and flat mops to stop the spread of germs and eliminate cross contamination. These are designed for specific areas, so you won’t get a latrine sponge being used on a door handle, or a mop cloth on a desk top.
  • The Green Way – Jan-Pro® uses fewer chemicals in our cleaning products because we can. More concentrated, less toxic to the environment, and safer for humans – we even offer a certified green clean program at your request.
  • OSHA! – We have your OSHA covered – Exposure Control Plan & Compliance Hazardous Communication Standard, MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling and Label Compliance Standard, Blood Borne Pathogen Standard, and Drug Testing Methods – Jan-Pro® is right in line with these standards.
  • We Operate Securely – All Jan-Pro® crews wear uniforms and prominently displayed ID badges and undergo rigorous background checks before entering our five week intensive training course, which is the most comprehensive in our industry.