Jan-Pro® Church Cleaning Services Helps Let Your Light Shine (and facility)

Jan-Pro® recognizes how important it is for your special house of worship to physically reflect the values you hold dear and esteem. As such, you have maintenance requirements and standards of personal conduct that many other organizations may not have. That is why Jan-Pro® management and staff receive extra training on the specific needs of each of the churches and houses of worship we serve.

Jan-Pro® provides professional cleaning services to churches and religious facilities throughout the Savannah region. Our owner-operators take pride in helping make your church a clean, welcoming, reverent place of praise and worship.

Benefits of Using Jan-Pro® Church & Religious Facility Cleaning Services

  • We Operate Safely and Securely — Not only do all Jan-Pro® crews, managers and owners receive five weeks of the most rigorous training in the cleaning industry, but they are guided through supplementary training to make sure they are able to cater to your unique needs. Our staff wears identifiable Jan-Pro® uniforms that feature prominently displayed ID badges. All Jan-Pro® crews are insured and bonded.
  • We Work Around Your Church Calendar— Your weekly operational calendar may be different from most other organizations, so we will gladly work with you on creating a cleaning schedule that makes sense for your facility and church. Also, we are flexible as we understand that you may need special events support. We respect your open door policy and always keep your church in first class condition.
  • Greener = Cleaner — Churches are “high touch” environments, especially in the children’s areas, and as such require safe, hospital-strength disinfectants destroy a broad spectrum of bacteria. Jan-Pro® cleaning products and equipment exceed OSHA requirements.
  • We Make Our Self Accountable — All Jan-Pro® clients receive our regular 50 point onsite service check to make sure all goals are being met, and will be reviewed periodically by one of our professionals to make sure we are fulfilling your expectations. Our exclusive processes, Jan-Pro® Tracker, Jan-Pro® Technics® and Jan-Pro® Signature Clean®, all work together to keep us accountable and our results measurable.
  • The Jan-Pro Exclusive Service Guarantee — Jan-Pro® is so confident of its services we actually guarantee your satisfaction with them – only Jan-Pro® makes this guarantee.