Carpet Cleaning

Jan-Pro® Carpet Cleaning Service – Quality from the Ground Up

Commercial carpet is designed to endure a lot of feet and takes a pounding as miles of walking is done on it daily, weekly, and monthly. As work boots, tennis shoes, flat sandals, dress shoes, stilettos and pumps pound the carpet it gets soiled quickly as dirt, dust and allergens settle into the fibers. This affects the way it looks and the way it affects the health of your building or facility. Even though built for the long run, the way to keep it fresh and usable for an extended period of time is to maintain it properly. This is where Jan-Pro® carpet cleaning service comes in.

Jan-Pro® carpet cleaning service has preventative and restorative services that few other professional commercial carpet cleaners can provide. That’s why offices, schools and retail establishments all over Savannah depend on Jan-Pro® carpet cleaning service.

Jan-Pro® Designs a Carpet Cleaning Solution Just for You

Jan-Pro® carpet cleaning service begins with a survey of your carpets and a personal carpet consultation. We then provide you a detailed analysis that discusses the:

  • Type and age of carpet
  • Square footage
  • Special circumstances
  • Traffic patterns
  • Number of people using the space

This analysis leads to the creation of a carpet cleaning program specific to your needs.  Enjoy clean, healthy, safe, great-looking floors while extending your carpet’s warranty to maximize your investment. All that can begin with one call to Jan-Pro® carpet cleaning service.