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Jan-Pro® Bank Cleaning Service Helps Keep Your Bank Customer Friendly

Customers want to know that their money will be well taken care of. They want an institution they can trust and who presents an image of strength and cleanliness. As a banker you also know that the banking market in Savannah and surrounding region is extremely competitive. You and your rivals will do everything necessary to maintain your premises as a respectful image where people want to keep their money. However, you can differentiate yourself from the others by creating a stress-free and clean atmosphere through Jan-Pro® professional bank cleaning services.

Jan-Pro® is the leading provider of professional bank cleaning services in the Savannah area. Our owner-operators take pride in maintaining a neat, tidy, professional-looking bank branch or financial institution as they are customers, too. Image is so important, which is why banks have a certain exterior look. Their interior needs to match. Jan-Pro® will help you maintain a welcoming image that will only foster close personal relationships with your clientele.

Why Use Jan-Pro® Bank Cleaning Services?

  • Secure, Insured, and Bonded — All Jan-Pro® crews are fully insured and bonded and understand that security is everything to a bank. They are trained to maintain full communication at all times while on bank property. We will pass your muster.
  • Screened to Clean! — All Jan-Pro® cleaning crews undergo a rigorous background check to make sure they are eligible to clean your bank. You will see them uniformed with easily identifiable security badge ID’s prominently displayed. In addition, we will work with you on training them to any specific security practices you require.
  • Cleaner and Greener — Banks are high-touch environments, so using the best environmentally effective products that kill germs on contact is essential for not only maintaining a healthy atmosphere, but a clean, bright one as well. Jan-Pro® processes exceed OSHA requirements, and our hospital-strength disinfectants kill a broad spectrum of bacteria with low volume usage. This is better for the health of your employees and customers, but also the environment as well.
  • Flooring Surfaces Shine — Jan-Pro® can take care of any floor you have: vinyl, all woods, granite, and more. We can strip, clean, and resurface to make them look new, saving you money from having to replace them too soon.
  • Would like a Guarantee on Your Investment? — Who wouldn’t? While not every financial opportunity can say that, Jan-Pro® can, as we give you a 100% guarantee on our services. We are so confident of our services that we actually guarantee your satisfaction with them. What other professional bank cleaning company can say that? Only Jan-Pro®.