Jan-Pro® awarded Exclusive with EnviroShield
The Science of Disinfecting

Combining a state-of-the-art sprayer delivery system with the most revolutionary disinfectant is what makes EnviroShield the most sought after disinfecting system available for commercial use today. And Jan-Pro® is pleased to offer it to you. It is the Science of Disinfecting at its best.

Simply put, the EnviroShield is an electrostatic pray system designed for specific areas and applications that surrounds and are and sticks to the surfaces it touches making sure it kills all harmful bacteria, including MSRA. All EPA requirements are met with this ground-breaking disinfectant and has no harmful dermal, ocular, inhalation or ingestion chemicals dangerous to humans. It is also non-corrosive and is non-flammable, allowing it to be store most anywhere.

Safe for the environment and for humans but not for bacteria, Jan-Pro® is proud to offer this service as a part of our cleaning package to you.