Franchise Opportunities

Jan-Pro® Professional Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Jan-Pro® of the South Carolina Coast provides one of today’s most extraordinary, low-cost business opportunities. Never before has commercial cleaning been more in demand. This means opportunities await you now allowing you to become your own boss in a fast growing industry. In fact Jan-Pro® was America’s fastest-growing franchise from 2008 through 2010!

Jan-Pro® Exceptionalism: Years of Continued Growth and Recognition

Growth is a major indicator of success, and our franchise owners have it. Growth means you are doing something right and that your service is wanted by those who need it. Jan-Pro® has long been a highflier in Entrepreneur’s Annual 500 Franchise Rankings.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine in 2010, Jan-Pro® was ranked:

  • #  1 Fastest growing franchise 2014
  • #  3 Low-cost franchise
  • #  3 Home-based franchise
  • #  9 Top global franchise
  • #11 Overall Franchise 500

Being a Jan-Pro® franchise owner means you get:

  • Guidance from those who have started from just where you are
  • Support to operate your business successfully
  • A tailored business plan to accomplish your goals
  • Your choice to start small or even part-time
  • Continual help to build your business to meet your financial goals

The Jan-Pro® franchise program combines sound business practices with fresh ideas. Our comprehensive approach will help you master every phase of the business. Starting a franchise may be intimidating, but as a Jan-Pro® unit franchisee you will be glad to know you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Other Reasons to be a Jan-Pro® Unit Franchisee

  • Low Initial Investment – Most businesses require a huge investment of time and money.
  • Fast Growing Industry – Our market is booming and expansion possibilities are there for the taking.
  • Strong in any Economy – Jan-Pro® has proven it is reliable in difficult economic times.
  • Well-planned System – Jan-Pro® has a finely tuned system that keeps working because we know what your prospects want.
  • Training Program – You will not be tossed a manual and video and be instructed to “get to it” on your own.  When you purchase your franchise you begin an intensive training course to make you an authority on all aspects of performance, developing new business, and operating  your company.
  • On-going Professional Support – and continues with ongoing professional support.

Would you like MORE guarantees from Jan-Pro®?

  • Training – We’ve already mentioned it, but we know how important this is to you.
  • Guaranteed Clients – Who else can offer this?
  • Equipment – No guessing what you need.
  • Insurance and Bonding – We’ll help you attain these.
  • Cash Flow Management – We help simplify this process so you can be about your business.
  • Marketing Assistance – Marketing does not have to be intimidating – we’re there with you.
  • Ongoing Support – We want you to be successful and not have to worry, so we make ourselves available to you when you need us.

Now That You Own a Jan-Pro® Professional Cleaning Business…

Once you compete your training you will have your first customers waiting for you! Success right at the start! Your Jan-Pro® staff is there to provide you assistance every step of the way, from designing a complete work schedule and teaching how to complete each task in a proper and timely manner to bookkeeping and other related matters. Additionally, as you grow and need more employees,  Jan-Pro® will help train you how to hire the right people for the job.

Expanding Your Jan-Pro® Business

Once you have established your business and are ready to grow to the next stage, Jan-Pro® will be there to help you make that step  in manageable stages, from on-going training to targeting the right area to providing various investment programs.

When you become a Unit Franchisee with Jan-Pro®, you will enjoy:

  • Support, Communication, Assistance –  Your regional master franchise office is ready to help you when you need them.
  • A steady income stream – You’ll receive monthly income from the customers provided to you by your master franchise owner, without the expense of an accounting system and the worry of collecting the receivables.
  • The Benefits of the Industry Leading Jan-Pro® Name – An Entrepreneur Magazine favorite over the years as the #1 Fastest Growing Franchise overall in 2014.
  • Reputation among Building Owners and Managers - Most building owners and managers prefer working with a larger company that has a good reputation like Jan-Pro®. Our excellent references, plus our professional customer support and service keep us growing.
  • Professional Relations – Quality control, customer account inspections and customer support are provided by our specially trained technicians who understand customer relations.
  • Unlimited Growth Potential –  If you want to grow and add more customer accounts, then we will help you achieve that.

So, if you are ready to take hold of exciting business ownership opportunity in a growing industry with an industry leader, and want to be in business for yourself but not by yourself, then contact us today!