Entrepreneur Magazine’s #1 Ranked Franchise 2014


No one else can say that. In fact, we continue growing as a company with outstanding opportunities still available. Keep reading.

The Right Opportunity at the Right Time

There are as many reasons people invest in a franchise as there are people. Jan-Pro® wants to help you determine if we are the right opportunity for you. With so many options we realize it can be an overwhelming for you, so we want to help you wade through all the pomp and claims that exist and help you discover what really matters to you. We believe that in the end Jan-Pro® will rise above all others. Come see why.

Unlike many franchise opportunities that are based on fads and are subject to changing popular interests – here today and gone tomorrow – Jan-Pro® has been around for decades and the industry is still booming. Often times franchises get you to market after the rush has ended, leaving you at the tail end of something that was as bright as a firework, but lasted only slightly longer.  We respect your investment dollars, time, and family too much to put you in a situation that is based on a changing trend. The professional cleaning industry has doubled since 2003 with no slowdown in this economy. In fact, we cannot bring on franchisees fast enough to fill all the opportunities that exist out there.

Fads Come and Go — Commercial Cleaning Is Forever

Commercial Cleaning is here to stay. Now more than ever businesses have to convey an image of success, and having a clean, well maintained office is a part of that. Every detail counts in business. Everything matters, and this is one reason why our industry is famously known as being “recession proof.” Regardless of other economic pressures and consumer preferences, our industry, and Jan-Pro® in particular, has thrived over the past decade. The Commercial Cleaning industry has doubled since 2003 and recently topped $140 Billion in 2012. The growth continues. Don’t you want to be a part of it?

Jan-Pro® Master Franchise Opportunity: Be the Executive – Reap the Rewards

You do more than clean at Jan-Pro®; you run your own business as an Executive. Here’s how it works! Our Master Franchise concept will allow you as a seasoned owner to capitalize on the business of becoming a franchisor. The industry you are franchising just happens to be cleaning! You not only run a successful, profitable cleaning business, but you can also bring in others looking for an opportunity as well.

As you become a Regional Master Franchisee, you will develop your region by selling and supporting Unit Franchises within your exclusive territory during normal business hours. The Master Franchise office then provides guaranteed customers, accounting, training, field support and marketing assistance. The Unit Franchisees provide the cleaning services to the customers. You lead from the top and reap rewards from all the business being done – in other words, you clean up!

Jan-Pro® Unit Franchise – In Business for Yourself, Not By Yourself

The Jan-Pro® unit franchise opportunity is only best for those who want to own their own business without being alone in their own business.  Imagine being in an industry that provides you with the tools, training, and on-going support you need to be a success? Now, add to that being in an industry that is growing, recession-proof, and provides you with your first clients? Add to that the fact that you can become a master franchiser and grow your business while providing opportunities to others. Finally, how about becoming part of an industry leader with brand recognition like Jan-Pro® who is equally well known for their guidance and support to help you establish your franchise? You can tailor your business to your specific time demands and situation. If you want to start small, do it part-time, or grow to a large organization, Jan-Pro® will help you achieve your goals.

Jan-Pro®’s franchise program is one of the most comprehensive of its kind. Combining sound business practices and innovation, this program is designed to assist unit franchisees every step of the way and in every aspect of business. Jan-Pro® unit franchisees are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.